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    Machined Aluminum Sand Castings Proudly made in the USA


has been qualified by FDOT Traffic Engineering Research Labs as an approved Vendor in the State of Florida


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             "The disappointment of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of cheap prices is forgotten."


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                             Operating Philosophy

The mission of Cost Cast is to be a growing, excellent foundry that honors God.

A growing business increases profit as well as the contribution & potential of people.

  • Profitability will be increased by controlling costs and increasing sales through volume, new customers, new products, new processes, and new markets.

  • Increasing the contribution & potential of people requires people that want to grow and people that are committed and able to help them grow.

  • Employees in this business will be compensated for their contribution to the profitability and rewarded for their ability to grow the business.

Excellence enables profitability , growth, and honors God.

  • An excellent manufacturing business is an integrated operation that can achieve synergistic improvement in customer satisfaction, quality, and profitability.

  • An excellent manufacturing business strategically plans pro-active purpose-driven growth.

  • The pursuit of excellence requires measuring achievements against the maximum attainable rather than the minimum acceptable.

  • Employees in this business will be compensated for the effective execution of their accountabilities and rewarded for their contribution to the excellence of the business.

Honoring and serving God is the primary purpose of this business.

  • My objective is to reflect Christ in all business objectives, policies, practices and decisions.

  • The Bible will be the ultimate Word for the operating principles and ethics for the business.

  • Our job is to follow Him- His job is to determine the results & rewards of my efforts.

  • Honoring God is best accomplished through actions rather than words or good intentions.

  • This business will be involved in ministry as it is lead by the Holy Spirit.

  • Customers, creditors, and suppliers will be treated fairly

  • All employees will be treated fairly and will share in the success of the business.


Cost Cast Inc. is a member of Fellowship of Companies for Christ International.





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